FIBCS- Big Bags / Jumbo Bags

FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) / Big Bags / Jumbo Bags

The FIBCs or Big Bags / Jumbo Bags are capable of transporting any bulk material ranging from 200 Kgs. to 2500 Kgs. FIBCs have been saving cost in developed countries for long now, there is a growing demand in the developing countries. Big Bags / Jumbo Bags can be customized as per customer's specifications. They are mainly used in the Cement, Sugar, Food, Pharma, Fertilizers and other similar industries. FIBCs/Jumbo Bags are meant for packing material of 1 Ton,1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 2.5 Ton. We can produce a different kind of Big Bags / Jumbo Bags like:

Different Variants of Big Bags / Jumbo Bags

U Panel Bags
Circular Big Bags
Q Bags

Inlet Options

The Big Bags have different types of outlets, inlets and hoisting structures that not only reduce operational costs but also save on warehousing. We also manufacture three types of liners – Form Fitted, Bottle Shaped and Suspended Liners.

Full Open Top
Inlet Spout with Tie
Skirt Top
Cone Top with Inlet Spout

Outlet Options

FIBCs are available with the following outlet options.

Plain Bottom / No Outlet
Discharge Spout
Petal Star
Irish Pyjama

Different Type of Loops

Different loop options are available for efficient handling of products like Cross Corner Loops, Single Stevedore Straps, Double Stevedore Straps, Ancillary Loops, Sleeve Lift and Hood Lift.

Ancillary Loops
Single Stevedore Straps
Double Stevedore Straps
Sleeve Lift

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