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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Please give details about the quality of Labsa produced by Fogla Corp

Viscous, light colored, high active, low moisture, low free oil, low free acid , high active detergency LABSA.

Please give details about the quality volume produced and exported by Fogla Corp

The total quantity of exports of all our products range around 75000-80000 mt pa.

Our Quality Packaging - Shipping and On-time Delivery

We provide Packaging in varieties suiting our customer’s needs offer our products primarily in new HDPE drums , IBC’S and ISO tanks.
Only new Hdpe drums areused of 250, 235, 220, 210 kgs respectively along with new plastic pallets.
No reconditioned materials are used.

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Different Variants of LABSA - and how they are suitable for / what they are suitable for

WE PROVIDE LABSA 90 & 96 (H2P AND L2P TYPE) suitable for detergent powder, liquid, cake etc., as per customer product formulations.

Why do you think customers trust Fogla for LABSA

Fogla is known for matching its quality with the customer’s expectation. Also the specifications are customized to meet their needs.

Besides we are known for using advanced technology for our production process making us one of the only Indian company in the surfactant industry to manufacture all the surfactants.

We adhere to our commitment and always aim at improving our services.

Naturally derived LAS (SLS), Dioxane & Petrochem free .

  • Also available as Synthetically derived SLS from Petrochemicals.
  • Vast “Carbon” chain from C10 TO C18.
  • SLS is manufactured either Sulphating Chlorosulphonic Acid with Alcohol in a Batch Process and/or Sulphating Alcohol with Gaseous SO3 in continuous Falling Film Reactor.
  • C12-18 for use in Personal care / Oral Care & C1214 for Detergents & Shampoos.
  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Derived from naturally occurring Lauryl Alcohol or Palm Kernel Oil.
  • Molecules with Lipophilic ( Water hating) part consisting of Alcohol & Hydrophilic ( Water Loving ) part made up of Sulphate groups.
  • These give excellent water Solubility, good detergency, fast wetting , high foaming ,emulsifying and thickening purely in presence of electrolytes such as Nacl , MgSO4 etc . Such proportions are used for Shampoos, Liquid Soap, Tooth Paste, Hand Wash, Bathroom Cleaner , Laundry Detergents , Glass Cleaner etc.
  • Should be used above pH 3 to Prevent Hydrolysis.
  • Use with Alkene Amides and Coco Amido Propyl Betaine result in formulation with low interfacial tension , greater foaming, better thickening.
  • Stability to H2O2 ( Hydrogen Peroxide ) and Sodium Hypochlorite making it applicable for Toilet Cleaner & best for Glass Cleaners.
  • Excellent choice for Pearled Shampoos Formulation and Creams.
  • Also used in polymerization of PVC Acrylic Resin , Acrylates & Styrene Butadiene etc.
  • Available in various forms like 28% Liquid, 68% Paste, Powder, Granules, Needles of different colours & diameters.