PP Woven Fabric & Bags

Leaders in Superior Quality PP Fabric & Bags

We are manufacturing Polypropylene (PP) Fabric, Bags and Big Bags, ideal and economical for industrial packaging, at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility since three decades. Our units are equipped with 6 and 8 shuttle looms capable of weaving PP Bags: Size 45 to 80 cms (60 to 90 gsm) and Big Bags: Size 80 to 200 cms (130 to 200 gsm).


Sugar Bags

PP Bags with PE Liner Inside

We specialize in PP Bags with Liner inside, mostly used for packing Sugar in bulk quantity. These bags can also be laminated as per the customer's needs. It can also be Micro Perforated.

Laminated Bags

High-quality laminated bags are cost-effective solutions for a fast growing market of Fertilizer Packaging. To cater to this growing need of our customers, we offer a wide range of PP and HDPE laminated bags. Up to 6 colour (glossy & matte) print available on one/both side with/without corona printing.


(Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene)

Attractive packing for 2 Kgs. to 50 Kgs. (Normally) of Detergent Powder, Flour, Animal Feed, Food Grains, etc. The extra gloss of BOPP film (printed) when sandwich laminated with PP fabric makes it an ideal bag for Advertising: a walking billboard.

BOPP bags can be available with:
  •   Matt Finish BOPP film
  •   Metalized BOPP film
  •   Handles
  •   Micro Perforation
  •   EZ Closures
  •   Anti-slip Printing (Diamond Printing)


Keeps your Veggies fresh

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Leno Bags and supply to both domestic and international markets. High resilience capacity of our leno bags sets them apart from other products available in the market. Perishable items like vegetables and fruits stay fresh due to excellent burst strength of the bags that come from best quality PP granules.

Moreover, our leno bags can be made reusable by our customers to counter the threat of increasing carbon footprints. Leno bags are available with a wide range of mesh density, with or without a tie-string.

Block Bottom Bags

We are one of the largest manufacturers of Block Bottom Bags and supply to both domestic and international markets. We produce Valve Bags, normally used by the cement Industry in India. Our new addition to the product line is Block Bottom bags, an innovation to facilitate change for paper bags to Plastic. These bags are available with a wide range with great potential for stacking; handling that prevents loss of cement.

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