Best Quality HM/HDPE Drums Manufacturer in India

Fogla Corp also manufactures finest quality HM/HDPE Drums, used mainly in the Chemicals Industry. High Molecular-High Density Polyethylene is used as the major raw materials for manufacturing 210L and 235L HM/HDPE drums. It allows the drums to be exposed to multiple handling conditions when filled with corrosive liquids. The drums are specially designed to ensure the long service life of products under diverse storage conditions.

Specification :

  Height Capacity. Belly Dia.
Variant 1 950mm 210ltrs 585mm
Variant 2 1045mm 235ltrs 585mm

  •   Mouth Opening Threaded / Clear: 56 mm / 50.1 mm
  •   Tare Weight: 8.5 kg (for 235 Ltrs)
  •   Color: International Blue

Our drums should pass: Visual Test/Printing, Drop Test, Closure Leakage Test, Stack Load Test, ESCR Test.

The HM/HDPE Drums are apt for storing hazardous and corrosive materials. Additionally, our Drums come with customized caps that meet specific design and performance requirements of the customer. These products also follow international packaging standards.

Interesting Fact

Diversified group interests in Chemicals have made us venture into manufacturing of high quality HM/HDPE Drums, the main packaging medium used for transporting chemical items. While we consume a major part of our production, we also cater to client-specific requirements.

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